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One of the most ancient and rare breeds, the elegant , graceful TURKISH ANGORA is also one of the most outgoing and affectionate cats you could imagine.   An energetic and intelligent cat, the Turkish Angora suits families who want a pet that can interact with the entire family. 
As its name suggests, the Turkish Angora originated in Turkey, and to preserve this national treasure, the Ankara Zoo maintains a breeding program so that this ancient breed is never lost to its native country.  An ancient cat, the Turkish Angora can trace its written history back to the 16th  century.   All CFA-registered Turkish Angoras must be able to trace their ancestry back to Turkey. 
Though the Turkish Angora has an assertive nature, they are also easily adaptable and are great for families with children and other pets. 

The soft, silky, single coat of the Turkish Angora rarely mats, requiring minimal grooming.  The Turkish Angora coat combines the ease of a shorthair cat with the beauty and softness of the longhair pet. 

Though the Turkish Angora is most commonly thought of as a white cat, they also come in numerous colors and patterns that are becoming more popular with breeders, exhibitors, and pet owners.

Somewhere there is a Turkish Angora for you!

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For more information about The Turkish Angora and owning a pedigreed cat, be sure to visit CFA.org by clicking the link below.
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