Turkish Angora Cats - Sponsored by the Cat Fanciers Association
CONGRATULATIONS to all the breeders and owners of our 10 highest scoring Turkish Angora kittens for the 2012-2013 show season *
GC RW Folie A Deux Impurpriety
Silver Spotted Tabby and White Male
Breeders:  Pomaranski-Machuca-Zinck - Lessee
Owners:  Bob-Iris Zinck and Sarah Sieffert
(Also 21st Best Kitten Southern Region)
2nd Best Kitten
GC RW Sinend Hannahannah's Bee of Sadakat
Blue-Eyed White Female
Breeders:  S Smerigan - A Shafnisky
Owners:  Smerigan - Shafnisky - R-J Keyer
(Also 9th Best Cat North Atlantic Region)
3rd Best Kitten
GC Rosmarinus Sakura
Blue-Eyed White Female
Breeder:  Yumi Yamada
Owner:  Yumi Shinji
4th Best Kitten
 Cozmecats Gem Symphony of Kotchera
Brown Patched Spotted Tabby and White Female
Breeders/Owners:  Wendy Heidt-Phillip Pearson
5th Best Kitten
Zarafet's Zion of Balerin
Blue-Eyed White Male
Breeders:  Jesse Machuca - Julio Vega
Owners:  Agatha Pomeranski- S Suminski
6th Best Kitten
Geraylar Devlet Geray
Blue-Eyed White Male
Breeder:  Vladlena Levkovich
Owners:  S Linkova - V Levkovich
7th Best Kitten
Ch Bastra Czarina Vasilisa
Blue-Eyed White Female
Breeders/Owners:  J Edwards - A Varesano
8th Best Kitten
Sunbriar Perhaps Love of Bizans
Brown Spotted Tabby Female
Breeder:  Kathryn Stokey-Dillon -  Lessee
Owners:  Sue Howland - Kathy Dillon

9th Best Kitten
Folie A Deux Cardinalsin of Balerin
Cameo Spotted Tabby and White Female
Breeders:  Pomeranski - Machuca - Zinck -  Lessee
Owners:  A Pomaranski  -S Suminski


10th Best Kitten
Ch Catpuccino She's A Lady
Black Smoke Female
Breeder/Owner:  Sylvie Cousineau
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