Turkish Angora Cats - Sponsored by the Cat Fanciers Association

* CONGRATULATIONS to all the breeders and owners of our 10 highest scoring Turkish Angora kittens for the 2014-2015 show season *

GC RW Etonnant Sir John Snow
Blue-Eyed White Male
Breeders:  Michelle-Dan Beaudry
Owners:  Michelle Beaudry-Daniel Beaudry-C Cadieux
(Also 17th Best Kitten North Atlantic Region)

2nd Best Kitten
GC RW AG Spunkepawz A Lucky Impossibility
Silver Spotted Tabby and White Male
Breeder:  Sarah Sieffert
Owners:  Sarah Sieffert-D J Peet
(Also 16th Best Kitten Southern Region)

3rd Best Kitten
GC RW AG Spunkepawz Fastlane
Silver Patched Spotted Tabby and White Female
Breeders:  S Sieffert-S Cousineau-R Zinck
Owners:  David J Peet - Sarah Sieffert
(Also 24th Best Kitten Southern Region)

4th Best Kitten
GC BW RW Etonnant Distant Early Warning
Odd-Eyed White Male
Breeders:  M Shortlidge - D-M Beaudry
Owners:  Daniel Beaudry - Michelle Robitaille - C Cadieux

5th Best Kitten
Dschadi's Hannah
Brown Patched Tabby and White Female
Breeder/Owner:  Gudrun Roscher

6th Best Kitten
GP Rosmarinus Midnight Wiz
Black Neuter
(Not Pictured)
Breeder:  Yumi Shinji
Owners:  Yumi Shinji-Masaki Shinji

7th Best Kitten
Ch Marinday Ileri Grace Gig
Amber-Eyed White Male
Breeder:  Jun Hagiwara
Owners:  Emiko Misugi-Jun Hagiwara

8th Best Kitten
Ch AW Folie A Deux Fiddle-Dee-Dee
Cream Cameo Spotted Tabby and White Female
Breeders:  R-Iris Zinck - M Epstein
Owners:  Marguerite Epstein-G Epstein-B Epstein

9th Best Kitten
Sunbriar Jolie Cozette of Mewnique
Green-Eyed White Female
Breeder:  Kathryn Stokey-Dillon
Owner:  Hollie McDowell

10th Best Kitten
Ch AW Folie A Deux Abracadabra
(Not Pictured)
Breeders:  Iris-Bob Zinck
Owners:  Iris Zinck-Robert Zinck


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