Turkish Angora Cats - Sponsored by the Cat Fanciers Association
* CONGRATULATIONS to all the breeders and owners of our 10 highest scoring Turkish Angoras in premiership for the 2012-2013 show season *
GP RW Jeminai Magical Mystery Tour
Amber-Eyed White Neuter
Breeder/Owner:  Lee Brooke
(Also 10th Best Cat in Premiership Gulf Shore Region)
2nd Best Cat
GP RW Rosmarinus Tristar
Brown Spotted Tabby and White Neuter
Breeder/Owner:  Yumi Yamada
(Also 21st Best Cat in Premiership Japan Region)
3rd Best Cat
GP RW Folie A Deux Ob La Di Ob La Dah
Green-Gold-Eyed White Neuter
Breeders:  Zinck - Heidt - Pearson - Lessee
Owner:  Neil Quigley
(Also 23rd Best Cat in Premiership Northwest Region)
4th Best Cat
GP Rosmarinus Kahlua
Black and White Spay
Breeder:  Yumi Yamada
Owners:  Takumi - Motoko Naruse
5th Best Cat
GP Folie A Deux Blubayou of Kayceekats
Blue Spotted Tabby and White Neuter
Breeders:  Zinck - Tanner - Dieterich - Swanson
Owner:  Kitty Dieterich
6th Best Cat
GP Acme Katz 1-Z
Blue Tabby Spay
Breeders:  R-I Zinck and H-A Severino
Owner:  Karen Godwin
7th Best Cat
GP Bizans Sweet William
Brown Spotted Tabby Neuter
Breeders/Owners:  Sue Howland - Ken Archer
8th Best Cat
GP Loup Blanc Yakumo
Amber-Eyed White Neuter
Breeders:  Saori Kudoh-Kerstin Staudal
Owner:  Akiko Naitoh

9th Best Cat
PR Kaeleron's Buckeye of Beebop
Silver Tabby and White Neuter
Breeders:  K-J-R-S Moury and S Sieffert
Owners:  J-S-R Moury and Becky Enzor
(Not pictured)

10th Best Cat
GC GP Katznjazz Avalon
Green-Eyed White Spay
Breeders:  Kathryn Amann - Phillip Pearson
Owner:  Kathryn Amann

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