Turkish Angora Cats - Sponsored by the Cat Fanciers Association

* CONGRATULATIONS to all the breeders and owners of our 10 highest scoring Turkish Angoras in premiership for the 2015-2016 show season *

GPD NW Folie A Deux Helena of Spunkypaws
Blue Spotted Tabby and White Spay
Breeders:  T Scott - B I Tanner - R Zinck
Owners:  Elaine Dawson - Sarah Sieffert

2nd Best Cat
GP RW Cozmecats Gem Symphony
Brown Patched Spotted Tabby and White Female
Breeders:  Wendy Heidt - Phillip Pearson
Owner:  Nancy Lehrer

3rd Best Cat
GP Etonnant Willie B. Hardigan
Blue-Eyed White Neuter
Breeders/Owners:  Michelle Beaudry - Dan Beaudry

4th Best Cat
GP Folie A Deux Shazam
Cameo Tabby and White Neuter
Breeders:  Iris - Bob Zinck
Owner:  Kim Langille

5th Best Cat
GP Rosmarinus Midnight Wiz
Black Neuter
(Not Pictured)
Breeder:  Yumi Shinji
Owners:  Yumi Shinji - Masaki Shinji

6th Best Cat
GP Marinday Hava Jean Genie
Green-Eyed White Spay
Breeder:  Jun Hagiwara
Owner:  Katsue Sasaki

7th Best Cat
CH GP AM Sunbriar Champagne
Black Smoke Neuter
Breeder:  Kathryn Stokey-Dillon, Lessee
Owner:  Kathryn Stokey-Dillon

8th Best Cat
GP Je Ris Remy Le Beau
Green-Eye White Neuter
Breeders:  M-G-B Epstein - K Delmont
Owners:  Marguerite Epstein - Barbara Epstein - Glenn Epstein - R Rice

9th Best Cat
PR AC Folie A Deux Presto
Cameo Tabby and White Neuter
Breeders:  Iris - Bob Zinck
Owner:  Kerry Sugrue

10th Best Cat
PR AW Sunbriar Bee-Doo Bee-Doo
Brown Tabby and White Neuter
Breeder:  Kathryn Stokey-Dillon
Owners:  Kathryn Stokey-Graves - Lynn Gray

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