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Agility Ring

CFA Cat Agility competition is FUN!  Unlike dog agility, it takes very little training, but of course, being CATS, they may or may not decide to run for you when you want them to!  If you attend a show where agility is offered, you can pre-enter or you can "try it out" when you get there.  If your cat looks like it might do it, or actually does do it, you can then fill out the entry form and pay that day.  Kittens usually excel at this!   A cat needs to be "prey-driven" (toy-crazy), and not be shy or scared of the show hall. 
There are 10 obstacles , stairs, 4 jumps, 2 hoops , 2 tunnels, and weave poles.  You can use a toy on a stick or laser light to guide your cat around the course.  You have 4 minutes and 30 seconds to complete the obstacles for a score.  (You are given four  five-minute sessions in which to do this, and the highest score is kept.)   The score is based on completing ten obstacles in order;  then your time is calculated into points.   As an example, a 20-second  run would give you 400 points.  The more agility trials you can attend, the better chance of gaining the most points. 

The first time your cat completes the course in under 270 SECONDS, it is awarded  its "Agility Competitor", or AC, title.  You fill out a claim form, and CFA will mail a certificate to you.  All other titles (as of right now) do not get certificates from CFA.   The agility chairman keeps the records, and you keep track of your points.  All records are available on a Yahoo website.

When your cat does its second or third complete course and receives 500 points,  it receives the next level title of "Agility Winner"  (AW).   When it reaches 2000 points, your cat receives an "Agility Master"  (AM) title,  and when it receives 4000 points, your cat  receives an Agility GRAND Master title (AG or AGM).

The first Agility Grand title awarded to ANY CAT in CFA went to a Turkish Angora, GC GP AG Sunbriar Gilded Lily.
Turkish Angoras  have been in the top ten nationally (top five also!) for the past 3 years.  They really are wonderful for agility, having high energy, high prey drive, and outgoing temperaments.

SO, next time you are at a show that has an agility ring, don't be shy!  Go over and ask if you can try your cat or kitten! 

GC GP AG Sunbriar Gilded Lily, the first Agility Grand in CFA.  She  also holds the record for the fastest agility run in CFA at 7 seconds.

2013-2014 Show Year  Turkish Angora Agility  Winners

11 TAs earned scores this year.  Of those, FIVE were in the top ten Nationally! 

#1 GC RW AG Folie A Deux Impurpriety:
Also #1 ALLBREED  and #1 region 7. This year's points 4725;  lifetime points 7172.
Handled by Sarah Sieffert.

#2 GC GP AG Sunbriar Gilded Lily:
Also #3 ALLBREED  and #1 region 4 .  This year's points 2873; lifetime points 8998. 
Handled by Kathryn Stokey-Graves.

#3 AM Spunkepawz Fast lane Of Folie A Deux:
#5 ALL BREED,  #1 region 1.  This year's points 2024; lifetime points 2357.
Handled by Sarah Sieffert. 
(Photo pending)


#4 CH AM Sunbriar Once In A Blue Moon
#8 ALL BREED , # 2 Region 4.  This year's points 1369; lifetime points 2024. 
Handled by Kathryn Stokey-Graves.

#5 CH AW  Sunbriar Champagne
#10 ALLBREED ,  #3 Region 4.   This year's points 1121; lifetime points 1423. 
Handled by Kathryn Stokey-Graves.

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