Turkish Angora Cats - Sponsored by the Cat Fanciers Association

Turkish Angora Grand Champions and Grand Premiers 

Listed in order of confirmation for 2013-2014 season

GC Gillies My Heart Will Go On
Blue Eyed White Female
DOB 10-23-12 Confirmed 8-3-13
Breeder/Owner Doreann L. Nasin (1)

GC Catpuccino She's A Lady
Black Smoke Female
DOB: 5-19-12; Confirmed 10-12-13
Breeder/Owner: Sylvie Cousineau (1)

GC Marinday Gelgit Tartar
Green Eyed White Female
DOB: 8-20-12; Confirmed 10-26-13
Breeder/Owner: Jun Hagiwara (8)

GP Silvervine Sea Dragon
Blue Spotted Tabby Neuter
DOB 3-10-13; Confirmed 1-4-14
Breeder: Masaki Shinji
Owner: Masaki-Yumi Shinji

GP Cozmecats Gem Symphony
Brown Patched Spotted Tabby & White Spay
DOB 4-13-12; Confirmed 4-16-14
Breeder: Wendy Heidt-Phillip Pearson
Owner: Nancy Lehrer

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